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More than 250 videos of interpretation lessons, technique, studies and repertoire, and everything that a passionate guitarist may be interested in.
A growing library of structured courses.
High quality video and sound for greater awareness of details.
A platform designed for music education. Library updated weekly with new tutorials, tips, interviews, etc.
Reception of requests to the Master. Participation in webinars where members' questions will be answered.

We offer 3 membership levels: Monthly, Annual or Lifetime.
Memberships can be canceled at any time.
We do not offer partial refunds on annual or lifetime memberships at this time.
The contents of the platform are intended for any level, from beginners to professionals. While it is true that the largest number of tutorials are based on medium and advanced level repertoire works. Even so, Maestro Gallardo Del Rey will be creating content for all levels, including those works or studies that are necessary for initiated students.
Aun así, el Maestro Gallardo Del Rey estará creando contenidos para todos los niveles, incluidas aquellas obras o estudios que son necesarios para los estudiantes iniciados.
Spanish Guitar Academy offers special discounts to teaching groups such as academies, associations, conservatories, music schools. For this it is necessary that they communicate with us through the following email and we will indicate the procedure to follow.
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We are committed to providing the best possible learning experience and will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied. Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and we'll be happy to help.

Spanish Guitar Academy has as one of its commitments the creation of weekly content.

All members receive via email reminder of new additions with a brief explanation.

The Spanish Guitar Academy cannot deliver certification on a member since it cannot properly monitor the evolution of their work.


"Quiero dejarle saber que mi mano derecha cada día está mejor, gracias a sus sabios consejos de estudiar mucho F. Sor, D. Aguado, N. Coste y algo de M. Giulliani. Bajo la estricta coordinación, despacio, estudiar manos separadas y con movimientos mínimos. Mi agradecimiento es enorme Maestro y le mando un fuertísimo abrazo."
Carlos G.
"Me ha parecido fantástica. Un enfoque practico y muy profesional. Sus explicaciones, claras y al punto. Las tomas de video muy ha encantado. No digamos la parte de consejos prácticos. Son muy útiles y explicados con naturalidad y cercanía, nada de teóricas condescendientes del maestro. Me han interesado mucho los ejercicios que propone."
Sergio I.
Profesor de guitarra
"En mi zona no tengo la posibilidad de encontrar un profesor que me lleve a un nivel superior, ni tampoco a quien preguntarle dudas que me surgen al elegir obras para guitarra. Algo que sí he encontrado en esta academia virtual. Además, José María es un maestro en todos los sentidos. Muy recomendable."
Sofía A.
Estudiante de guitarra
"Llevaba tiempo buscando cómo mejorar mi técnica y encontré esta academia online. Lo que estoy aprendiendo con el maestro Gallardo no tiene precio. Lo recomiendo al 101%."
Maribel S.
Estudiante de guitarra
"Verdaderamente una joya. Un tesoro para todos quienes toman en serio la guitarra y pretenden crear y dejar una huella en esta vida a través de conocer, interpretar y amar este bello instrumento. Mis Felicitaciones Maestro Gallardo!"
Giovanni M.
Profesor de guitarra
"Querido José María, encuentro en esta escuela una nueva posibilidad a todas aquellas personas que, por circunstancias varias, no podemos acceder a una educación de calidad. Enhorabuena Amigo"
Antonio S.
Profesor de guitarra
"Seguía al maestro Gallardo Del Rey desde hacía mucho tiempo, y he participado en algunas de sus Master-classes, pero esto está a otro nivel, en calidad y en contenidos. Gracias Maestro."
Gregorio L.

An artist with unusual training and musical knowledge in the world of guitar, he is the most requested and programmed soloist by orchestras around the world.

His training as a classical guitarist has been enriched by his intense relationship with the world of flamenco. The combination of both styles has created a unique way of interpreting and understanding Spanish music.

Musical ambassador of Spain, his presence is required by international orchestras and stages on the most prestigious stages.

Renowned composer performs his works at the most important music festivals and are choreographed by dance names such as María Pagés, Víctor Ullate, Lola Greco, etc.

His discography includes diverse works on labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Universal, BMG, Mandala, RTVE, Autor, Almaviva, Gallardo Del Rey Ediciones, etc.

His master classes in musical interpretation are required by the most prestigious conservatories and universities around the world.

Additional information

In order to use our platform you must have access to the Internet. SGA maintains a high standard in audio and video. The platform adapts to the quality of the connection of each device, so if in any case you detect that the quality of the video shown is below normal quality, it will be because you do not have a wide or stable signal in your area. Audio does not usually show quality lag in areas with a low internet connection signal.

The “Annual” option has a maximum cycle of 5 years. After this period you will automatically become a Lifetime Member.

Memberships are automatically renewed. In case the renewal is not desired or it is preferred to change the type of membership, we only need to receive an email to and we will respond to this request quickly.

Both the Spanish Guitar Academy team and José María Gallardo Del Rey intend to constantly work towards the care of this platform and the production of new material for its members. In the event that, for serious reasons, production had to be stopped, the SGA would issue a statement to its members to inform them of said period. If there is a clear reason why the platform had to definitively stop providing service, members would receive the relevant refund for the period not enjoyed.

The intention of this platform is to help all those professionals and / or students when it comes to addressing the repertoire and what is related to the professional career, both as soloists and teaching professionals, from the prism of a professional soloist and composer. , with special emphasis on the analytical, technical and mechanical study of the works, and always at the service of musicality.

In addition, we help to disseminate the values of Spanish and Latin American Music, and specifically those of the Spanish Guitar. Thanks for your support.

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